YouWorkForce / Trasporti e logistica

Field Force Management


A simple and innovative web and mobile solution to manage activities related to the world of transport and logistics

It allows companies to maintain constant contact with every operator and means of planning work in a fast and structured way.
Complete management of the trip, organised in missions/stages. For each of these, there is a series of scheduled activities. Customisable according to customer needs through the activation of modules: GPS, maps, signature collection, utilities, management of transport documents and, printing, etc.


It’s a “ready to use” B2B solution, available in “turnkey” SaaS mode (all-inclusive monthly fee) or on premise.

  1. 35% increase in drivers’ productivity
  2. 95% customer satisfaction thanks to the quality of services due to the reduction of loading/unloading times and delivery certification
  3. Better data organisation
  4. 60% savings on supplies, thanks to affiliated distributors
  5. Reduction of accidents by 30%, less distractions by drivers who use the phone only to perform loading/unloading operations
  6. Reduction of disputes by 90% thanks to the signature of successful delivery/receipt of goods that can be managed directly from the driver’s device

Travel Profiling

Planning the trip and activities to be carried out by driver/vehicle.


Work optimisation

Loading/geolocated delivery management operations with signature, routes and customised maps.


Personal Page

Complete system for the request and management of shift changes, holidays, permits, absences, HR communications, etc.



Print documentation and/or seals and waybills directly from the vehicle via bluetooth printer.



Complete integration with ERP for planning and real-time updating of the operator’s agenda.



Supplies, incident reporting, message exchange, data/voice traffic control, Kiosk mode, etc.

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