YouWorkForce / Pubblica sicurezza

Field Force Management


YouWorkForce/Public Security
Is the solution for managing and tracking the typical activities of a private security institution

It is a B2B client/server application that turns an Android smartphone into a walkie-talkie. It is an instantaneous voice messaging app allowing for bidirectional communication between different work teams and the manager or reference person in charge, facilitating management and control of different work and safety operations. We then move from the radio to using the corporate or personal smartphone with minimum data consumption (both on the SIM and on the Wi-Fi network). The application found its main market in private security (pursuant to the Maroni Decree, DL 269/2010).


It is a “ready to use” B2B solution, available in “turnkey” SaaS mode (all-inclusive monthly fee) or on premise


  1. The highest performance Push-to-talk (over IP) communication on the market.
  2. It optimises costs on radio-frequency communications.
  3. Communication channel with guaranteed coverage (Wi-Fi and 3G/4G).
  4. Strong design and operational integration between YouCo and the telephone provider.
  5. Maximum standard of coverage even in extreme logistics conditions.
  6. Integration of GPS connectivity with low-energy I-Beacon technology for indoor geolocation.
  7. Improve the quality of customer services by 40%, thanks to reduced communication times.

Bidirectional voice messages

Between single users in one-to-one mode, between groups, between users and the Operations Centre.




Possibility of replaying all the messages sent and received and organising them in a repository.



Personalised agenda

Planning of the trip and activities to be carried out. Receiving alerts in real time lets the operator have up to date activities at all times and take care of the most urgent service.



Outdoor and indoor tracking

Track the position and status of each user, visible from the operations centre via a map (Google Maps or plan).



Clocking In

Allows you to check clock in times via GPS of the smartphone (outdoor) and with the use and triangulation of beacons (indoor).



Man down – emergency situations

The absence of movement for too long a period activates the functionality, the device sounds until the presence is confirmed within a pre-established time; otherwise it will send an alarm to all other users.



Operation Management

Management of the Automation Field Force (activity and turnover schedules, work plans, loading / unloading, transport documents, alarms / incidents), enhanced with indoor geolocation and the indoor proximity function.



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