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Field Force Management


YouWorkForce/Reclamation consortia
This is a solution for the management of channel mowing and data collection at the plants.

It is a powerful, decidedly flexible framework that can be customised according to the customer’s requirements. It allows reclamation consortia to maintain constant contact with each operator, simplifying and organising work in a fast and usable way. Geolocation via GPS, activity calendar and integration with clocking in, shift management and workflow are just some of the many features.



It is a “ready to use” B2B solution, available in “turnkey” SaaS mode (all-inclusive monthly fee) or on premise

  1. Balance between work done and payments. The work done is documented and the final word is certifiable, the administrative cycles are more effective with savings of 30-40%.
  2. Movement sensors on the mechanical arm certify the work and not just the position.
  3. Tracking the vehicles, the tools, the accessories and the work done; not the person.
  4. Operator safety independent of position, “man down” on the smartphone and emergency stop push button on the tool.
  5. Optimisation of the use of means and resources and work organisation.
  6. Optimisation of maintenance and activity cycles.
  7. Certification of activities and freedom from responsibility following catastrophic events.

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It allows for automatically combining user + agricultural means/tools.


Activity agenda

Organise workforce and channel mowing activities.



Electronic clocking in

Simplify, manage and control. Mobile side and operations centre.



Holidays/Permit Management

Complete system for managing shift changes, holidays, permits, absences (possible integration with company HR systems).



Operations centre

Assign service shifts, control operators, manage reports or request spare parts.



Data Collection

At the plants and report submission from operators to the operations centre.


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